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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Portrait Event 10th September at Brough Park leisure centre

With just 2 weeks to go spaces are filling up fast, call me on 07801 058345 to book your 1/2 in the spot light. It costs just £40 and the pictures will make great Christmas presents.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Portrait Event 10th September at Brough Park leisure centre

In what I think is a bit of a first for Leek I'm converting a room at the local leisure centre in Brough park in to a photo studio for the day on the 10th of September. Photographic session run for 1/2 an hour starting at 9.00am till 4.00pm. The cost is just £40 including a free 10" x 8" print. The session can be for family groups, couples, kids, bands, or even just one person. The maximum number that can be accommodated at one time is 7, but if you have more just call and I will see what can be done (size does matter).
This is a great opportunity to get family photographs while the tan is still showing and have them ready for gifts at Christmas.
The shots below will give you an indication of the type of portraits available, all these were done in the home, some under less than idea conditions.

Plague rats and poop bags

This could have the sub title of "The exciting life of a professional photographer". What a start to a month, lots of work coming in and a number of great photo shoot, then I go and do my neck in! Wednesday last week saw me being unable to move for most of the day and at points almost passing out with the pain. Just the right moment to take a call from a new customer and discuss an up coming job, how I managed the call I will never know, probably 13 years of call centre training coming in to play (time not wasted then).
Lucky for me I have a great Osteopath and by Friday was almost fit for work and after a rest full week end, watching Caz cut the lawn, I started my latest job yesterday.
The job in question is photographing items for a web site, something I've done loads of, but as with each job it posies new challenges, the biggest with this one matching the previous photographers style and technique so the site keeps its overall great look. The items in question are all to do with your dog or cat, so dog toys, leads, collars and poop bags, and for the cat in your life a great little item the Plague rat. When people think of the life of a professional photographer it probably seems like a collection of photo shoot of beautiful women and fast cars, but for me the challenge of photographing everyday items to a set standard and repeating that over and over again is great, I spent the whole day totally engrossed in my passion, pushing myself to my limits, I feel very lucky that I now get to do that on a daily basis.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Deb,Nick and Jude

A wonderful Saturday afternoon shoot in their living room, Jude was an absolute star and mum and dad weren't bad either.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The last 3 days

Life is not be boring at the moment, here are 3 shots taken this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. From working on scaffolding wearing a hard hat, to being out in the fresh air, to then find myself in a studio with 2 beautiful ladies, its been one hell of a week so far.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Look no hands

Just spent the morning photographing the monument in Leek, from the outside, right up to the top.
The Nicholson War Memorial a Grade II listed building and the tallest in the country towering 80ft above the town of Leek in Staffordshire, has had a £178,000 grant for its restoration by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
I have had the chance to photograph from the top before the scaffolding is removed later this week.
Thanks to John Povey and Julie Taylor.